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      2022-12-02 19:09:09

      六年級英語作文帶翻譯 篇一

      Who gives me birth? Who brings me up? Who dedicates his/her w www.1 www.go-aubattery.com mi.nethole life to me? My parents.

      Who gives me food? Who gives me clothes? Who gives me care? My parents.

      My parents, they don’t want to get any reward from me. Not only my parents, all the parents in the world don’t charge anything from their children. they give us everything they can. they spend their whole life loving me, so I love my parents, too. Since I was given birth, I’ve started to love them even if I didn’t realize it.

      It will be the time for my birthday soon. I want to say to my parents: I love you.





      六年級英語作文帶翻譯 篇二

      My birthday

      Today is my nine-year-old birthday. I am very happy, because my father buys a big cake for me and my sister just comes to Guangzhou.

      After dinner, my family celebrate my birthday. I make a wish and blow out the candles.

      Do you want to know my wish? Let me tell you, I wish I can study harder and harder, then get the NO.1 in our class.

      Then I cut the cake and my family share the cake with me. How nice today!






      六年級英語作文帶翻譯 篇三

      Today is fools day and its also my birthday. My name is Sam. Im 11 years old. In my birthday party, Mother usually buys some interesting books for me and my father usually buys a pair of beautiful shoes for me. I love my gifts. My friends are coming. The boys and girls are enjoying my birthday party.

      Theyre laughing and playing games. Now, Theyre eating sandwiches, cakes and fish. Theyre drinking apple juice and orange juice too. My birthday cake is very big. There are 11 candles on it. They say: happy birthday to Sam! Hip, Hip, Hurry! Hip, Hip, hurry! Oh, what a nice birthday party!



      六年級英語作文帶翻譯 篇四

      There are five people in my family. There are grandpa, grandma, father, mother and I.

      Grandpa is an old teacher. He is retired now. Grandpa is retired, but grandpa sometimes

      I also wrote a diary, a composition. My grandfather thought that we would make a difference, and often taught us to be useful people.

      Grandma is a farmer, grandma usually hurts me most, knead in my hands afraid I lose, contain in my mouth afraid I to break down.







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